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LEPA Haswell compatible models:

  1. G1600-MA
  2. G1200-MA
  3. G1000-MA
  4. G850-MAS
  5. G750-MAS
  6. G650-MAS
3/7/2013 LEPA G Series 750 Watt Modular 80+ Gold Power Supply First Look - PCWizKid
3/5/2013 LEPA G850-MAS received 9/10 and Must Have Award from Modders Inc.
2/6/2013 LEPA G1600-MA-EU received Best Top Pick Award from guru3D
10/10/2012 LEPA G1000-MA received Best Performance Award from TweakTown
9/3/2012 LEPA G850-MAS received Highly Recommended from
8/8/2012 LEPA G850-MAS received Golden Award from Hardware Secrets
8/26/2012 LEPA G650-MAS received Highly Recommended from
8/9/2012 LEPA G650W Power Supply received Approved from Pro-Clockers
6/29/2012 LEPA G1600-MA received Best Performance Award from TweakTown