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MaxPlatinum P1375-MA

1375W 80 PLUS Platinum Certified ATX 12V


  • Surpass 80 Plus Platinum level, achieving 93% efficiency (230VAC, 50% load)
  • Continuous full power; P1700 with up to 1800W peak output and P1375 peak to 1600W
  • Full modular cable design with flat peripheral cables simplifies the installation of PSU and cable management
  • 135mm ball bearing fan with thermal speed control delivers silent and durable cooling performance
  • High density PCB makes PSU only 18cm in depth, providing extra room to dissipate the heat inside chassis
  • Full Bridge topology with Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) circuitry help PSU achieve high efficiency
  • Solid state capacitors and 105°C Japanese grade A capacitors offer great reliability & longer lifespan
  • Intel Haswell fully supported by DC to DC converter design, which ensures the stability of output voltage when CPU goes into C6/C7 power states
  • Multiple +12V rails with high maximum loads give great compatibility with heavy-duty graphics cards
  • Able to run 4-way GPU (SLI / CrossFireX) and dual CPUs together without difficulty
  • Comply with EU 2013 ErP Lot 6 standards (lower than 0.5W power consumption at standby mode)
  • System safety assured by comprehensive protection of Over Power, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature, and Short-circuit
  • ATX12V version 2.4 and EPS12V version 2.92 compliant 


105°C Japanese Capacitors


Over Power, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature, Short-circuit protection



DC-to-DC Converter Design




Model Number: P1375-MA
AC Input Voltage

50-60Hz, 14.5-6.5A

DC Output +3.3V 24A 120W
+5V 24A
+12V1 20A 1374W
+12V2 20A










0.5A 6W


3A 15W

Total Power


Peak Power

PSU Dimension 180(D) x 150(W) x 86(H) mm


Protection Circuit


Trigger Range / Status
Model No. P1375-MA
DC Rail +3.3V +5V +12V1 - V6
Over Current Protection 30-45A 30-45A 40-55A
Over Voltage Protection 3.9-4.5V 5.7-6.5V 13.3-14.5V
Under Voltage Protection 2.0-2.4V 3.3-3.7V 8.5-9.5V
Over Power Protection 110~160% of rated max load
Over Temperature Protection 100~125°C from main transformer core (P1375-MA) 100~130°C from main transformer core (P1700-MA-EU)
Short-circuit Protection Main output power shall latch into shut down state within 50ms when short circuit applied






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Modula Modular Socket & DC Rails Distribution

This product incorporates multiple 12V rails over current protection. If you let many peripherals consume the power on only one 12V rail, it may trigger the over current protection and shut down the system. Please re-direct certain peripheral power cable to other 12V rail to share the current loading to ensure highest stability and safety.

  Cables & Connectors



If you plan to put in 2 or more high end, power demanding GPU cards, please choose the motherboard that comes with extra 4P Molex/ 4P FDD / 6P PCI-E power socket(s) on board and connect them with your power supply. This will prevent the motherboard from overloading and possibly causing damage to your system including your power supply. The damage to the motherboard and the power supply caused by failing to do the above instruction will not be covered under Lepa manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to your motherboard’s user manual to configure your system properly to prevent damage to your system and your power supply.